Thursday, September 28, 2006

Travelin' Oregon

Since 1996 I have been on quite a few rides, mostly around the Western United States but hope to get further East with my travels as time warrants. I have also made it a part of my life to collect 'things' from places I get around to so that I have some little token of where all those places are. I'll put some of those up here someday soon.

1996 I was in Oregon and that is a beautiful place to get on the road and go places. It truly is "God's Country"... It has all the makings of what biking is truly about from all the sensations that you can exeperience; sights, sounds, smell and feel. We lived in the Northwestern region of Oregon towards the coast from Portland. We made many trips along Highway 26 (The Sunset Highway) to the coast to visit the coastal towns like Lincoln City, Seaside, Astoria, Newport, Tillamook and Cannon Beach just to name a few.

Many Bike runs are held in Oregon, we traveled state wide to join in the poker runs, campouts, support rides and toy runs that benefit many riding groups including Oregon ABATE, Harley Owners Group, Northwest Veterans Association and many others. The people of Oregon, the riders of Oregon are true blue Americana. I am proud to be able to say I ran with some of the best people available in this country right in that state.

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