Friday, April 08, 2011

Dyna 2 is FOR SALE [SOLD]

After much contemplation and decision making I have decided to sell Dyna and move on to a bigger bike. I have owned this bike since it was brand new in 1998 and rode it home off the showroom floor in Beaverton, Oregon. It has been a great bike and it needs another good home with someone that wants to enjoy it.

This will be a big change in my 'riding life' as I have always liked chopper style bikes and have enjoyed them and all they have to offer. But my wife and I want to do some more long distance cross country rides and having a full bagger will suit my needs a bit better than a hot-rod bike.

Now dont let the chopper/hot-rod nametag fool you, this bike is a good touring bike and will handle the twisty roads better than any other Harley Davidson model out there. Thats what it was designed and built for. Its been all over the western United States and has been a joy to ride with even two-up before my wife started riding her own. This bike will pack up like the best of them and go the distance, but I'm ready for something bigger and "couch-ier".... Im getting older and my arse needs some good support!

So any takers? I can guarantee that everything is top notch on this bike because I put every part on it and know its entire history. Check out the build writeup and you can see every step I took.

Thanks for looking.