Monday, March 12, 2012

Been Away

Been away from riding for a bit other than the mundane riding to work and back... and some local rides around the Sierras. But its all good riding on the Vic. I've put about 7000 miles on the bike since getting it almost a year ago now and I really enjoy this bike. The handling is great and the response is unlike any other bike I have ridden over all my years. The bike really makes riding fun, the stereo lets you enjoy some music, and the bags let you take a few things along or just have space to take of some of that un-needed coverings as the day gets warmer.

I put on a Corbin seat and its ready for a the long haul to where ever the roads want to take me. Next trip we are planning is to Western Canada into Baanf National Park. Then next year we are going to take a southern route out to the Florida Keys and mark our very first transcontinental ride. Should be fun. Stay tuned!