Friday, July 25, 2014

A New Victory....

Introducing the all new custom.... XR-"Hammered"

This bike build came out beyond my wildest dreams and ideas! The pub napkin drawings and computer renderings fail in comparison to what has become reality. It has now come to life and runs and rolls down the road again. This thing is a beast! which is what I was trying to create, instead of a skinny little tired, spoke wheeled chopper bobber, I wanted a fat tire, low slung, stretched out bulky wide cruiser 'bobber' that just looked like "Brutus" coming down the road.

The lines of the old XC come to life as new world "Big Bike", sporting some cafe styling with the extended chin spoiler and the new bullet fairing to enclose the front end. The 6 degree raked front end and the lowered rear shock strut bring the whole bike down to earth and gives it that finished Pro-Street look I love so much.

The Hammer rear fender has been all welded closed into one piece and provides a large deck area covering the 200mm x 17" rear wheel/tire combo. I added the new LED brake/tail light and the MBW LED turnsignals to the rim of the fender. The license plate bracket had to be custom made to fit under the assembly. And the exhaust?....  well just look at it! it is big and fat too... It is a shorty 2-into1 header into a 4" collector with no baffle at this time. Im having a reverse cone baffle made for it that will quiet it down and and give it some required back pressure. But for now - it's OBNOXIOUS!  

The body and paint work was done by Mike Wilson Auto Body and the pinstriping by Eggie Foust - just phenomenal work done by both to make this bike just 'pop' with color and detail. Both of them have done work for me before but this has gone over the top. Great work guys!


Here are the rest of the pics

Pauls 2011 XR-"HAMMERED"

Thursday, July 24, 2014

More Final Assembly

OK so final assembly has come down now to just some semantics waiting on parts that the supply house have screwed up but they are forgiven .... unless I cant ride this weekend....  All kidding aside I am so ready to get on this beast again and go do some road riding my body is aching! Its been almost a year!  A few more Aleve and I can calm down a bit.

All the major parts are on the bike, I am waiting for a speedo harness to completed the front end headlamp wiring and assembly and a much needed 2-into-1 header that my exhaust Guru Guy has spent more than 5 weeks trying to put together and should be done TODAY as promised for the 10th time. Tired of promises just get the damn pipe DONE! - see I am getting irritable now...

Pics will be up as soon as I can roll her out into the sunlight and get the good camera out, because these phone pics are just horrible and dont do it any justice whatsoever. So sorry for the lack of Photos - I know its much better to see it than to hear about it.

 Almost Done!