Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rebuilding the Victory for Another Run

So after contemplating what to do with the bike after wrecking it and then getting half way through parting it out I finally decided on rebuilding it. I had most of the the major parts left; basically a rolling chassis with the motor and trans and all suspension still intact. This XC (Cross Country) bike is a perfect platform for any custom rig so I figured what the hell!  I decided not to go back to the original design of a bagger bike this time and go for more of a performance look with the option of adding bags if needed for long trips.

The bike used to look like this in its basic stock form, I loved it and it worked great as-was: 106 Cu. In. EFI engine with a 6 speed trans, 2 into 2 exhaust, inverted front suspension, mono-shock rear air/hyd suspension, and aluminum forged frame. 18x3 front wheel dual disk brake and 16x5 rear single disk brake. Tires WERE Avon soft compound 130mm front and 180mm rear and WERE not good for riding in wet weather.... most likely the root cause of my crash, I should have changed to all weather tires before that trip!

The wreck destroyed the entire fairing and the left side bag mostly. The rest of the bike was pretty much untouched by the grace of God! So off came the wrecked parts and what was left was this base bike:

The new design is going to follow after the Victory Hot-rod model called the "Hammer". This bike has a mono-shock suspension and inverted front suspension also like the Cross Country but with a tube frame chassis. The Cross Country is a forged aluminum modular frame chassis with many better attributes. 

So mostly what I was looking to take from this model was the rear fender and seat design. The picture below is a custom designed Hammer with a 250mm rear tire installed. But this is way too much for my XC swing-arm to handle. So I will be limited to a 200mm on a 6.25" wide rim that will be added.

On the front of the bike I am looking into changing the rake of the front suspension to get a more stretched pro-stock type look out of it. With the handlebars raking back so definitively it just seems this bike needs that addition to make it all come together. I will have to go to a 21" front wheel too, which I don't want to do but the rake requires it to keep the proper steering geometry.

I will be adding the bullet style headlamp and single gauge in place of the full fairing and no windshield again like back in the old days of eating bugs and the wind in your face feeling! ...  

The other thing I really want to do is tye in the front chin spoiler and enclose where the crash bars used to be and cover the bottom frame of the bike like a cafe' style racer valance would do. Roland Sands did a phenomenal job on a Hammer Salt Flat racer and I really like the combination he came up with.

Nothing as extreme as the Sands bike, but this is a blacked out version, of my idea and it will be painted whatever color I end up going with. So that's where I am with a basic design. 

A "XR - Hammer"