Tuesday, April 08, 2014

"Cross" breeding with a Hammer

Well the work has been going on for a few weeks now, getting a hold of parts from many suppliers across the country retail, wholesale and just people selling their own stuff!  Have found some great deals, people on forums selling their stuff and willing to make me some good deals, I thank them for their time.

The biggest thing (I thought) was getting a rear fender off of a 2008 Victory Hammer to fit onto the 2011 Cross Country rear frame section.

The XC has a wide aluminum forged hunk of frame at the back, where the Hammer is a tube frame and simply has struts out the back just like any other bike might have to hold up the back seat and fender. This is a shot of the underside of the XC modular frame where the wheel basically goes. The 4 bolt holes on the left bolt to the engine. The orientation should be vertical.

The fender was more than wide enough to fit over the frame but the front had to be modified to sit down onto the frame. At the back edges of the fender where they met the frame mounting points, I used some steel tubing cut down to make a stand-off between the frame mounting holes and the fender. At the ends of the tubes I welded a 5/16-18 nut and welded them to the fender. The bolt then threads from the inside of the frame into the fender tubes and nothing shows on the outside. Here is a shot with the stock wheel still on the bike.

The chrome side struts have front mounting holes that aligned perfectly with the frame holes, and again I used the steel tubing welded into place to make up the distance between the fender and the frame. A chrome socket head cap screw will mount this end of the fender on each side. The struts lay right on top of the side covers and look somewhat smooth. So that was it!

Next was fitting a larger rear rim and tire with the stock swingarm assembly. The new rim is a 17" x 6.25" wide billet aluminum wheel by Arlen Ness. Very Nice!

I added a 200/30R-17 tire to it and mounting it up with the new fender and it looks real good!

I did find that the wheel well is very tight so it will have to be taken back apart and milled out to be safe. The swingarm is ready for welding and then it goes to polisher for final finishing. Next will be the front end!