Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Trip into Locke

So Tinker had a brand new bike sitting in the garage and it was a beautiful day out so what do ya think we did???? I bet you dont even need 3 guesses!!!!

We took off on the road and tested her out of course!... We headed out to the Sacramento River Delta along Hwy 160 and headed South.

Dont she look Happy!!!!

It was all I could do to keep up with her while trying to take pictures and keep my own bike headed in the right direction....

Here we are in Downtown Locke.... Yep its a one road, one-way town with lots of 'biker' visitors. It was originally founded in 1815... and some of the buildings look like they are still 'barely' standing on the original 1815 foundations! We go here quite a bit to visit friends and the people that run "AL THE WOPS" bar and grill.... It is the best little hometown bar you could ever find on the backroads of America.

Then we had to make a stop at the Ryde Hotel which is on the opposite side of the river a bit further down the road towards Isleton. This place is very nice and serves one of the best brunches available in the area.
This was just a photo op on the side of the road where we were riding across one of the many draw bridges along the river. Arent those 2 hogs just beautiful!

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