Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Trip into Locke

So Tinker had a brand new bike sitting in the garage and it was a beautiful day out so what do ya think we did???? I bet you dont even need 3 guesses!!!!

We took off on the road and tested her out of course!... We headed out to the Sacramento River Delta along Hwy 160 and headed South.

Dont she look Happy!!!!

It was all I could do to keep up with her while trying to take pictures and keep my own bike headed in the right direction....

Here we are in Downtown Locke.... Yep its a one road, one-way town with lots of 'biker' visitors. It was originally founded in 1815... and some of the buildings look like they are still 'barely' standing on the original 1815 foundations! We go here quite a bit to visit friends and the people that run "AL THE WOPS" bar and grill.... It is the best little hometown bar you could ever find on the backroads of America.

Then we had to make a stop at the Ryde Hotel which is on the opposite side of the river a bit further down the road towards Isleton. This place is very nice and serves one of the best brunches available in the area.
This was just a photo op on the side of the road where we were riding across one of the many draw bridges along the river. Arent those 2 hogs just beautiful!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Tinkers New Bike!!!!

We've been looking for a bike for Tinker for quite awhile... she most graciously gave up her Yamaha V-Star650 about a year ago so I could go out and go Dirt Bike racing once again after a long Hiatious from the sport (about 30 years!) I used the money to buy a Ymaha YZ450F and got the kids all involved with dirt bike riding.... anyway....

Well we finally found a willing donor of their used up goods and made it our own treasure.... isnt their some saying like that of some kind?... One mans trash is another mans treasure?

Like I said... here it is and what a great deal we found on this little beauty:

2005 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe (FLSTNI) 88b cubic inch motor with fuel injection, power commander system installed, Vance & Hines Shotgun exhaust pipes make it sound real throaty... it has the two-tone glacier white and black cherry paint job, spoke wheels with white wall tires, chubby handlebars with custom grips and pegs. We received a full size Harley windshield brand new still in the box, a custom Wind Vest windshield, the stock solo seat and a two-up touring seat. We also got the stock luggage rack and the stock handlbars, grip set and there is all kinds of chrome accessories already installed.

Like I said this is a gem of a bike and its fully loaded!

Just needs some fine tuning and some adjusting of this and that and I think it'll be a fine addition to the ole stable of steel horses calling our place home for the time bein'.

Tinkers Happy!