Sunday, October 08, 2006

2006 Dyna "96"

This is the latest 2006 Dyna model totally customized by Harley. This bike has the new 96 cu in powerplant and will be the upgraded design for all the Harley Model Lines in 2007. This little doll will produce some serious horspower for the street from a factory produced bike.


  1. PTC,
    a beauty of a MC. Is that what you have?

    PS. The other day I watched a program on Discovery about Titan MC's. Interesting.

  2. I have 1998 Dyna, 80 cu in. The Titans were very nice bikes, they were the first of the 'muscle bikes' to come out that were factory produced and made available to the public via showrooms. The engines had some mechanical troubles and they didnt support these problems very well and that led to their downfall. I like their bikes though!