Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dyna Rebuild 4


New rear wheel 60 spoke 18" x 4.25" chrome Billet hub, new mesh style rotor and spoke chrome Billet pulley on the other side. The shock shown are stock but I am awaiting my new Ultima Billet shocks to replace them.

After getting the fender rails completed by boxing them in with 16 Gauge sheetmetal and welding everything up nice and tight, it was time to get the rear wheel assembly on along with the shocks on the relocated mounts. Just to see how it all fit.

The seat pan was being done by Steve at M-PAC Upholstery. The guy is a genius when it comes to putting anything together with fabric! We decided to use the Badlander seat bottom as a base and customize it to fit this new tank and fender setup. Should be sic!

Next was the front end. I have taken off the OEM triple tree stop that was part of the neck and used a hidden stop assembly instead. This required welding on a small piece of steel that had to be shaped to fit just perfectly to the bottom side of the neck. It also could not interfere with the bearing race installation. Quite a task, but it worked out perfectly.

These new trees are so nice. They are smooth on top and all sides. There is almost no hardware anywhere to be seen.

New front wheel -60 Spoke 21" x 2.15" Chrome Billet hub with AVON rubber on it 90/90 x 21e. The new caliper and mesh brake rotor will be added on final assembly. Still waiting for the front fender....

Here is the mocked up rolling chassis. Nice tank shape!!!!! Cant wait to hear that pipe by Specialized Exhaust.

Next we get ready for paint.... at Mike Wilson Auto Body

And I have some other very unique ideas for a back rest and luggage rack while not messing up that beautiful smooth rear fender.

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